Saturday, July 9, 2011

70 Ways to Increase Your Brain Power

By Steve Gillman
Excerpt from A Book of Secrets

You Want More Brainpower - Not Higher IQ Scores!

43. Olive oil - High in mono-unsaturated fat, olive oil has been shown to improve memory.

70 Ways to Better Brainpower -
(In no particular order.)

1. Breath deep.
2. Meditate.
3. Sit up straight.
4. Phosphotidyl Serine (PS).
6. Gingko Biloba.
7. Saint John's Wort.
8. Good thinking habits.
9. Use dead time.
10. Learn a language.
11. Rosemary.
12. Mindfulness exercises.
13. Write.
14. Listen to Mozart.
15. Develop your intuition.
16. Avoid foods that cause subtle allergies.
17. Sleep better.
18. Caffeine.
19. Avoid sugar.
20. Hypnosis audios.
21. Speed reading.
22. Exercise.
23. Imaginary friends.
24. Develop your creativity.
25. Learn more efficiently.
26. Use techniques for clear thinking.
27. Brain wave entrainment.
28. Creatine.
29. Talk.
30. Do something you enjoy.
31. Adjust your beliefs.
32. Brain exercises.
33. Learn new things.
34. Walk.
35. Model others.
36. Eat fish.
37. Avoid unnecessary arguments.
38. Laugh.
39. Play.
40. Do puzzles.
41. Sing.
42. Nuts.
43. Olive oil. 
       High in mono-unsaturated fat, olive oil has been shown to improve memory.
44. Vitamin supplements.
45. Fiber.
46. Self awareness.
47. Motivate yourself.
48. Avoid too much stress.
49. Get educated.
50. Avoid too much fat.
51. Eat less.
52. Avoid suspect foods.
53. Eat breakfast.
54. Avoid diabetes.
55. Eat foods high in antioxidants.
58. Folic acid.
59. Potential brain foods.
60. Vitamin E.
61. Vitamin C.
62. Selenium.
63. Alpha-lipoic acid.
64. Inositol.
65. Huperzine A.
66. Ask questions.
67. Sniff basil.
68. Temperature.
69. Use systems.
70. Make a brainpower plan.

By Steve Gillman. Excerpt from Chapter 5 of A Book of Secrets


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Ayataul Qursi <br>Glorified and Exalted is He. <br>Al Baqarah II: verse 255
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